Guangzhou’s Chancheng District rolled out on May 11 a new blockchain-enabled project (in Chinese) for community supervision and correction of ex-prisoners, parolees, and probationers.

Now, the project has finished its prototyping and the development of a credit evaluation system for ex-offenders will be completed by the end of this year, according to local media reports.

By combining blockchain and wearables technologies, the platform aims to facilitate the management of ex-offenders by better tracking their whereabouts and giving guidance accordingly. Ex-offenders will be asked to wear smart wristbands that can their trace their location. The platform will receive alerts once the monitored person roams beyond a designated area.

The positioning data will help the platform to analyze the daily behaviors and give credit ratings, according to Liang Zixi, director of Bureau of Justice of Chancheng District.

It’s an important means to realize the reentry of ex-offenders to the society. Upon the completion of the community correction process, those who geta higher credit rating in the system would get a better chance of finding good jobs, applying for loans and accomplishing other tasks once difficult for ex-offenders

China is quickly ramping up its adoption of the blockchain technology. Not only regional governments in Shenzhen and Fujian Province are taking a more open attitude towards the technology, the central state is also moving ahead with the plan to launch national standards for the distributed ledger technology. Furthermore, its application is expanding from the more traditional areas of finance to a diversified range of sectors such as government administration and healthcare.

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