Briefing: Mobike begins replacing 40 thousand old bikes in Shenzhen

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摩拜将在深圳置换4万辆新车 称废旧单车100%回收再用 – Sina Tech

What happened: Mobike plans to replace 40 thousand old bikes in Shenzhen in an effort to improve user safety and the condition of the bikes. The company is doing so under the authorities’ supervision. According to the company, all parts of the decommissioned bikes will be 100% recycled.

Why it’s important: The Beijing-based bike rental company recently began recycling batches of older bikes that are in poor condition. In compliance with recent government regulations that aims to curb the number shared-bikes, the company is withdrawing old bikes before introducing new ones. China’s bike rental sector has pumped out more than 20 million bikes in the past two years, which has led to serious environmental problems. Similar large-scale recycling effort is taking place in Shanghai as well.