The 2018 Asia Hardware Battle Xi’an competition was a huge success.

After several rounds of fierce competition, we finally selected the top three hardware startups to represent Xi’an at the grand final round of Asia Hardware Battle in Shanghai.

In this competition, one startup rose above all the others and proved extraordinary through a series of stringent evaluation and step-by-step screening by several prominent judges: Sun Bei (Head of Investment from Eagles Fund), and Han Dong (Cofounder of Terark; Executive President at Torch Institute of Blockchain).

Winner: DTing

DTing Gesture Controlled Wristband (Image credit: DTing)

DTing robots and toys have launched an interactive method never before seen in the market, while making sure the user can get used to it quickly and keeping it friendly to newbies. To satisfy the different habits and styles of users, the product does not limit the variety of hand gestures. In other words, the user can try hand gestures as they like and find the most comfortable or coolest gestures for them. The DTing Gesture Controlled Wristband is an all-in-one solution to detect all of the users’ gesture behaviors, including forearm movement, hand gesture, and even finger force. The surface electromyography (sEMG) signal, gyroscope signal, accelerometer signal, and more related signals are fused to recognize gestures in high precision, making it so that it seems like you can use telekinesis as a supernatural ability.

In addition to DTing, here are the other 6 qualified startups that appeared on the field:

Beijing Remote Meter Technology— Wireless Smart Thermostat

Remote Meter Technology (RMT) is the major manufacturer in China for wireless smart thermostats, building automation, energy saving heating control. It aims at developing, producing better performance and better quality HVAC products in China, located in Z – Park.  RMT has successfully developed and customized various products for its clients’ requirements, such as building automation energy saving system, central air-conditioner thermostat, heating thermostat, wireless thermostat and wifi thermostat with leading wireless communication technology.

Chengdazhiyuan Information Technology—AI Video Analytics

Chengdazhiyuan Information Technology is an AI video analysis system based on deep learning and big data, which mainly detects early warning signals of massive video data, thereby improving the efficiency of existing monitoring and preventing the occurrence of errors. The company’s hardware products mainly focus on integrating the AI video analytics server with a deep learning algorithm to provide data analysis support and achieve real-time security warning.

OvORobot—OvORobot STEAM

OvORobot allows children to gain cutting-edge knowledge of science, engineering, and mathematics using old smartphones found lying around at home. Converging playing and learning, teaching and learning, OvORobot leaves parents worry-free when it comes to their children playing on mobile phones.

Tianji Life Science Research Institute —Jump Jump Game

Through the “Jump Jump” game, the comprehensive ability and scores of the physical indicators (posture balance, body sensitivity, motion control, biostability, energy consumption) of participants (3 years old – 70 years old) can be accurately tracked, guiding everyone to better protect their body, avoid physical damage, and improve the body’s ability to exercise.

Mijihake—Intelligent Truck Parking

Through intelligent hardware research and development and internet technology development, Mijihake creates an intelligent parking space integrated with shared service facilities such as a user management platform, offline parking, and information services for truck businesses. It eliminates user fatigue driving hazards and reduces accident rate, provides an online open truck file management for truck service businesses, sets up a blacklist system, provides truck owners with a true and reliable service quality credit reference, and provides free service guarantees so that truck owners can rest assured of the usage and lifespan of the trucks.


The G-box Smart Eco Box integrates the functionality of a traditional aquarium with smart technology. Temperature, lighting, water flow, automatic feeding, and water level monitoring are integrated on the mobile app, and all parameters are connected to the wifi control via a mobile phone. The powerful filtering function reduces the need for frequent water change. The G-box smart eco-box also provides a large nitrifying bacteria attachment environment, allowing fish, snails, frogs, turtles, crabs, and plants to coexist.

Next stop!

We would like to extend a big thanks to all participants, judges, and partner organizers. We couldn’t have had such a successful outcome without the help of Yeahmobi, Qerte, and RocketSpace for putting this together.

DTing is getting ready to battle it out at the Grand Finals in Shanghai. See you soon!

Suzanne Tsai is a social media manager based in Beijing. You can contact her at

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