The digital age has swept across the globe, creating new opportunities and more emerging technologies. Against this backdrop, Alibaba Cloud will be hosting The Computing Conference once again. From September 19th-22nd, The Computing Conference hosted by Alibaba Group will be dedicated to exploring how emerging technologies like AI, IoT, machine learning, and blockchain can be made more inclusive and have profound impacts on our economy and daily life.

The conference gathers the most influential minds of the data technology world, bringing together thousands of academics, scientists, artists, and industry pioneers to discuss the vision and future of cloud computing. Featuring over 170 breakout sessions on advanced technologies, products, industries, and other topics from a myriad of sectors, The Computing Conference fosters exchange and understanding on a global scale.

Those who attend will have the opportunity to listen to industry thought leaders speak, including Jack Ma himself and Alibaba’s senior management, and experience the most advanced technologies of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence through various exhibitions and interactive activities.

Tickets are now sold out, but don’t worry—TechNode is the live-broadcast media partner of this event. We’ll be providing real-time documentation of the entire event. Follow our social media accounts for more updates!

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Starry Galaxy

The Starry Galaxy exhibition is built upon the idea that technological advancements are breaking boundaries and defying gravity, beaming us toward a technology-driven new frontier in a post-modern world. This exhibition includes the King of Bots, Brand Planets, and Think Station.

Space Station

The Space Station exhibition is supported by Alibaba’s DAMO Academy, which promotes emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and biometrics by not just thinking about the present but also the future. In this exhibition, visitors will be launched into an immersive and interactive atmosphere to experience today’s as well as tomorrow’s most significant innovations.

ATEC Financial Technology

The ATEC Financial Technology exhibition demonstrates the equitable and sustainable development of fintech across the medical, agricultural, and educational sectors. This exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to interact and collaborate with live on-site specialists.

Tech Go

Tech Go is an event that showcases the intersection of sports and technology. Visitors can experience cutting-edge technology that will change the future of basketball, soccer, running, and a variety of other sports.

The Geek-out Experience

The Geek-out Experience encompasses IoT hackathons, cybersecurity competitions, and much more. Here, fellow geeks can take part in big data competitions and hackathons that will breed the next generation of cloud geeks.

Y+X Music Festival

The Y+X Music Festival, a combined effort of The Computing Conference and Xiami Music is where high-energy live music and world-class technology come together onto one stage. It is where innovation meets tradition, where traditional venues are designed with 3D mapping, where traditional stages and bars are accompanied and serviced by robots, and where traditional street dance performances are enhanced with cutting-edge digital technology.

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