Briefing: Bullet Messaging hit 7.48 million users in its first month

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子弹短信一个月数据:用户已突破748万 广东用户占14.8% – TechWeb

What happened: Bullet Messaging has released its first monthly figures on its WeChat official account. The startup said it now has 7.48 million users. During its first month, the messaging app held the top spot on China’s iOS app store for 9 days and was the most downloaded social networking app for 13 days. Data from the past week shows that Android users on average spent more time on the messaging app than iOS users, and nearly 20% of users spend over half an hour per day on the app. Huawei owners are most “loyal”  Bullet Messaging users comparing to other Android phone owners.

Why it’s important: Smartisan’s Bullet Messaging launched exactly a month ago today. The messaging app’s quick rise to popularity garnered a lot of media attention and a fair share of speculation about how long it is going to last in the fierce battle with China’s most popular messaging app WeChat. Earlier this month, Smartisan CEO Luo Yonghao announced that he planned on spending RMB 1 billion in the next 6 months on user acquisition and talent recruitment.