Tencent ‘s game store is available outside of China – Engadget

What happened: Tencent recently launched its WeGame X game store to international customers. The Hong Kong-based service is available both through web browser and as a dedicated client, and is still in its “early access” phase. At launch, the store has 17 titles available for purchase, with independent Chinese developers accounting for about half and the rest belonging to Tencent’s in-house studios.

Why it’s important: With WeGame X’s international launch, Tencent enters the increasingly crowded field of digital game storefronts. With investments in various companies like Blizzard and Ubisoft and a nearly 50% stake in Epic Games, the tech giant is no stranger to the gaming industry outside of China. And while it is advertising support from notable studios like Hello Games and Deep Silver, the current international version of WeGame X lacks a blockbuster title like Fortnite, which is available for purchase through the domestic version.

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