Certain indicators in March are signaling glimmers of a recovering Chinese economy after several months of marked slowdown. A number of elements, the most notable being government intervention, exacerbated the effects of the slowdown on China’s tech companies. Halting video game licensing late last year throttled a major revenue stream for Tencent, one of the country’s biggest technology companies, while overall regulatory tightening has rolled across tech verticals from gaming and entertainment, fintech, online education platforms, and the rental economy.

News of a nearing trade deal with the US is lifting hopes for China’s economy, underscoring how very global the two economies have become. Yet China’s tech landscape remains distinctly separate: US technology companies that regularly dominate headlines have faced either direct or indirect hurdles to expanding into China, which has instead nurtured its own ecosystem that in turn has seen relatively few successes in expanding into overseas markets.

Join the discussion on May 23 at our Emerge tech conference as the hosts of TechNode’s China Tech Investor podcast, Elliott Zaagman and James Hull, record a live episode discussing the divergence between US and China tech ecosystems with special guest, Paul Mozur, who covers technology in Asia for The New York Times. What are the paths for tech companies looking to bridge the two ecosystems?

At Emerge, we will dive into emerging China tech trends such as AI, corporate innovation, blockchain, digital marketing, shift to enterprise, the slowing economy, and the expansion to Southeast Asia. We will be previewing other topics in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned.

Seats are limited so be sure to get your  early bird tickets by May 5!

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