China Tech Talk 85: Private traffic in China — Taking back the power from platforms

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China Tech Talk is an almost weekly discussion of the most important issues in China’s tech. From IPOs to fake data, from the role of WeChat to Apple’s waning influence, hosts John Artman and Matthew Brennan interview experts and discuss the trends shaping China’s tech industry.

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After an extended hiatus, John and Matt are back! This week, they look at the increasingly effective trend of private traffic. Powered by WeChat and its mini programs, marketers and brands are increasingly creating and driving organic traffic to their shops. Like owned traffic in the West, this is a direct response to the rising costs of reaching fans and followers. Matt delivered a presentation on the topic during the ChinaChat 2019 conference and they take a deep dive into the phenomenon this week.

Key questions

  • What is private traffic?
  • Why are brands resorting to this method?
  • How does private traffic work?
  • How do WeChat and Tencent view private traffic?
  • What are traditional e-commerce platforms like Taobao doing to combat private traffic?




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