On March 27, Chinese search giant Baidu unveiled a one-stop enterprise large-scale model platform called Wenxin Qianfan, based on its ChatGPT rival ERNIE Bot. Originally planned as a public release event, the Wenxin Qianfan launch was changed to a closed-door meeting for corporate clients at the last minute. Baidu’s Executive Vice President Shen Dou introduced Wenxin Qianfan as having capabilities in the areas of government, financial, corporate, e-commerce, and travel services, with the model undertaking a real-time demonstration to complete tasks such as creating PowerPoint presentations based on prompts in three minutes and booking air tickets and hotels. Wenxin Qianfan will charge RMB 0.012 ($0.0017) per 1,000 tokens while ChatGPT API costs $0.002 per 1,000 tokens. [Caijing, in Chinese]