Sina Weibo is the hottest microblog service, sorry, to be exact, is the hottest social platform right now in China web. It has a very active user base, and more important it has become a Social Hub which almost every other social services want to link to. Now with Sina Weibo account, you can login many popular social services, including quite a few mobile apps; and almost every service syncs their content on Sina Weibo in order to generate more social buzz. It’s good to see Sina Weibo is growing fast and is building a great ecosystem, but, the question is always in my head is that whether Sina one day will take the advantage of the weibo and build some social services on its own.

Well, now I realize the answer is a Yes. Kandian, Sina’s Social TV service has been revealed today (in private test still). On Kandian, you can watch online video, TV program and live show; and you can also publish comments about the program and interact with other users. You can even create a collection of the programs and share it as your own video channel. And thanks to Sina Weibo, obviously all these user generated content can be sync with users’ weibo account.

Kandian indeed looks like a promising service. We wrote about iFeng’s WeiShiTong social TV apps and believe social TV will be an interesting market to be explored. Like WeiShiTong, Sina seems also working with several satellite TV stations so that users can watch/comment/share their TV program live on Kandian.

It’s quite a surprise that Sina has picked up this market and took it as its first try of building a seperate social service around its weibo. It is not clear yet how Sina will integrate its online video service with Kandian as well as Kandian’s future plan on mobile. I might be overreacting to this, but please, Sina (Weibo), just don’t be evil and do leave a healthy ecosystem to the startups.

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