Back in January we covered the story of HiddenRadio, a sleek and simple Bluetooth speaker.  The speaker is a creation by the duo of of Vitor Santa Maria from Brazil and John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen from Australia. On Kickstarter, the project garnered amazing success and became 751% over –funded on its target to reach an amazing $938,771!

Since its crowd-funding success, Kickstarter has become a commercial reality. It has even won some industrial design awards, by making audio anywhere easy. HiddenRadio is a compact yet powerful, wireless speaker and FM radio all-in-one that enhances any audio or entertainment experience at home or on the go. HiddenRadio can be pre-ordered online for special limited-time pricing at

”The universally positive reception for HiddenRadio is understandable, given the thought and effort put into its design,” said Tim Bajarin, president and analyst at Creative Strategies, a leading technology consultancy. “As innovators like Apple have shown, occasionally a product comes along that just makes ‘sense’ in its design that it changes the way we think about an entire category.”

“Vitor and I set out to design something that was clean and simple – not overly complex, yet innovative and intuitive at the same time,” said John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen, co-founder of HIDDEN. “The reception we’ve received with HiddenRadio has been amazing. It makes all of the time and commitment put into this project worth it, as we’ve ended up with a great end-product we know people will embrace.”

HiddenRadio’s Key Features include:

· Multifunctional – HiddenRadio is a Bluetooth speaker, amplifier and FM radio all-in-one that works with most laptops, tablets and iOS or Android smartphones to enhance music, movies, gaming, and more.

· Iconic Design – HiddenRadio’s minimalistic design is captivating in its simplicity and ease of use. The interactive cap serves as the power switch and controls the volume, creating a unique semantic connection.

· Simple, Intuitive, Loud – The world’s simplest and most intuitive wireless speaker is activated with just a slight twist of the cap; the further you twist and lift the cap, the louder it gets. In the compact speaker category, the HiddenRadio is one of the best performing speakers available to date; its sound easily fills the space of the largest apartment.

· Truly Portable – Weighing in at less than a pound, HiddenRadio fits in any bag or backpack. The lithium-ion battery provides 15 hours of solid sound and is easily recharged via USB.

· Wireless Freedom – No more tangled cords or searching for an outlet; simply twist and lift the cap and the HiddenRadio automatically goes into pairing mode with any smartphone or computer equipped with Bluetooth.

· 360° Sound – HiddenRadio’s unique speaker drivers and cone design spread the sound evenly throughout the room, for a full audio experience to over 90dB.

HiddenRadio is available on the HIDDEN website in Metallic Silver, Graphite Black or Pure White. Pre-orders are available at special discounted pricing starting at $149.99 with free shipping to United States, United Kingdom and Hong Kong, and subsidized shipping to all other regions until September 30, 2012, after which full retail pricing applies.

When I first saw the demo-video online I was very impressed. To make something so beautiful yet functional takes the work of a genius, or two in this case. The speaker makes a great gift and can be really used to enhance the ambience of your home or party. Hats off to the boys behind Hidden and I look forward to their next industrial design creation!

Jason is an Australian born Chinese living in Beijing, specializing in entrepreneurship, start-ups and the investment eco-system in China, especially in the tech and social area.

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