TechNode is bilingual tech media. Our ultimate goal is not just to be an influential media in Chinese tech space but to be a leading tech media with focus on China in the global tech space. In other words, we are reporting China tech news, educating the global industry about China startup ecosystem and also influencing both global and local industry.

We have been lucky, with a small team and our passion, we have done a good job and achieved some milestones, such as the honour of being the official partner of TechCrunch in China. Obviously, there is so much we can do in near future, but the most important responsibility for us is to deliver more news, analysis and reports to our readers daily.

We are expanding our editorial team! Either part-time or full-time, if you’d love to be involved with the startup ecosystem and share your thoughts about the industry with our world-wide readers, please do let us know and you are very welcome to join us.

TechNode has built a strong presence in and outside China. Our reporters will have access to not only local tech community but also our resources in other Asian countries, the U.S and some European countries.

We need you to

  • be based in mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan, and read Chinese  (native English speakers preferred). You can also apply if you’re in other countries or regions but should write about China only.
  • have a thorough knowledge of China’s tech scene and are passionate about startups. Being interested in or knowledgeable on certain areas such as hardware is preferred.
  • regularly attend tech events to get involved in the local startup community and expand contacts.
  • be capable of communicating ideas faithfully and accurately to our readers.

Please e-mail job @ with your resume. Thanks!

Gang Lu

Dr. Gang Lu - Founder of TechNode. He's a Blogger, a Geek, a PhD and a Speaker, with passion in Tech, Internet and R'N'R.

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