We are getting on in a new culture of ‘quantified self.’

Qijuzhu, literally meaning a form of dairy with which ancient Chinese emperors recorded their daily life, was launched for people who hope to review and analyze how their day is spent.  The Android app can automatically sync one’s data, from calls, text messages, SNS posts, photos and videos, blog entries, fitness apps to whatever third-party platforms hooked to the app, into a timeline of the users’ day. It now comes in a free or premium version.

This streamlined and easy-to-use data management platform allows users to analyze their synced data with ‘Search’, ‘Category, ‘ and ‘Stats.’ Users also enjoy the flexibility to add, delete or mark certain events.

The selling point of Qijuzhu is that it saves one’s energy from composing journals and keeps track of the rapid pace of life and information overload.

A streamlined user interface

Executive Assistant is another all-in-one tracking app which allows users to quickly review and react to calls, messages, feeds and reminders. There has also been a variety of fitness and activity tracking services, like the wearable gadget Codoon and the smartphone-based Semusi.

Qijuzhu is planning to launch an API for third-party developers to build features or services on top of it.

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