The ever-growing online shopping market in China helped transactions on the past Nov 11th, the annual online shopping day created by Alibaba, reach a record high. Nearly 6,000 people in wealthy areas of China spent more than RMB 1 million (about $164,000) each on Taobao platforms in 2013, as buying cars, land-use rights, expensive vacations on Taobao became available in the year.

Alibaba released a report on Alibaba Group’s Taobao Marketplace, Tmall and group-buying service Juhuasuan this year. Here are some interesting findings from the Alibaba report,

Fathers were becoming more involved in purchasing infant and maternal items from Taobao platforms. Men accounted for 44 percent of all transactions in this category, up from 32 percent last year.

Over 800,000 car owners bought some 3.3 million dashboard video cameras on Taobao this year, with total sales jumping 197 percent to RMB 480 million. Taobao must give thanks to the increasing automobile sales in China market and, possibly, the increase in car accident disputes.

Chinese was never so anxious about air quality like they were in the past year, thanks to reports on bad air quality in Chinese cities like Beijing. Chinese spent a total of RMB 870 million ($143 million) on anti-pollution items including facemasks, air purifiers and indoor treadmills, an 181 percent increase in the 11 months through Nov. 30.

The visits of the giant rubber duck by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman to two Chinese cities, Hong Kong and Beijing, fueled sales of yellow duck-related items on Taobao. More than 100,000 Taobao users spent RMB 8.5 million on items including school bags, slippers and rubber-ducky toys.

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