Chinese smart WiFi router developer HiFiWi, announced to open up its Linux-based system, called HiWiFi OS, so that developers will build applications for the platform, and smart devices can get connected and controlled through HiFiWi routers.

The company launched yesterday three projects, HiCloud, HiMobile and HiStore. HiStore is an app store for third-party applications. HiWiFi router runs . for which HiWiFi team have developed some applications in house — most are tools for improving the performance of Internet services. It then introduced some from third parties — also tools, from Chinese tech companies such as telco China Telecom, Sohu’s online video service, and Tencent. Now the store is open to all the third-party developers.

The company has recently introduced funding from investors including the Taiwanese system-on-chip solution provider MTK, saying they’d tap into smart home and wearable sectors. Here comes HiMobile and HiCloud. HiMobile enables accompanying apps to control smart home appliances through HiWiFi. HiCloud is for data storage and, possibly, data analysis.

The layer of apps HiFiWi created inspired a lot of Chinese entrepreneurs and tech companies, including Xiaomi, which has launched a couple of routers. They expected the new generation of WiFi routers to become the ultimate hub for connected home. Xiaomi even moved earlier than HiWiFi allowing smart home appliances to communicate with its routers — it has invested in Broadlink, a leading company developing WiFi solutions for home appliances.

HiFiWi claims it has had one million users. But it doesn’t seem a large user base attractive enough to developers.

The smart router maker has launched two generations of HiWiFi router and had raised Series A round of funding before the recent round.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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