Editor’s note: Tencent revealed its 2016 WeChat Data Report last week, giving a wide array of WeChat statistical data and analysis. Matthew Brennan, CEO and founder of China Channel, has summarized some of the most interesting information. A version of this post first appeared on China Channel’s WeChat account.

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • 768 million Daily Active Users now on WeChat (35% Increase YoY)
  • 50% of WeChat users spend 90 minutes per day in WeChat
  • Only 1% of WeChat Active Users are 55 or above!
  • Chinese travelling to the states are 90% from Beijing and Shanghai
  • Typical WeChat users spend 580 yuan on sending lucky money to friends per month

[Editor’s note: Baidu also released a report earlier this year. They revealed the top destination for Chinese travelers was Taiwan and the top destination city was Tokyo. According to Key Account Manager of Baidu Jason Zheng, male travelers preferred visiting North America, New Zealand and Australia, because they like to go see natural scenery; female travelers preferred South Korea, Japan and Europe, because they like to go shopping and enjoy the historic buildings in Europe.]


[Editor’s note: One reason for getting an overwhelming number of red envelopes sent on Chinese New Year’s eve is thanks to WeChat’s photo campaign on Moments. To clearly see the blurry photos, users had to send the photo owner a hongbao (红包 or lucky money in English).]


Image credits: China Channel

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