Collide: Powering China Cloud conference by Technode was packed with various speaker from different industries and crowded with disparate array of attendees in many fields. We had our speakers’ thought-provoking remarks and insightful viewpoints intensively covered. In case you miss out on anything useful and inspiring, we collected all those highlights listed below for you.

Cloud Computing

VIA Helps Power Green Cloud Computing

Highlights From the Collide Speakers Remarks: Cloud Will Be Infrastructure

Comsenz Kevin Dai: Combination Of The Giants

“Why not go to the Cloud?” Says ChinaNetCloud’s COO, James Eron

Shanzai, One of the Driving Force of Cloud Computing in China

Mobile Computing

• Collide: Powering the China Cloud with HTC Sense

• HTC China Head Ray Yam: Cloud Computing Extends Mobile User Experience

• Paypal’s Puts Money in the Cloud


• By 2015, 54% of TV in China Will Be Smart TV

• Orange France Beijing CEO Wang Haila: Social TV Brings Out Brand New Customer Experience

Startup Jams

• Instagram, Meet Your Android Rival. Camera360 Surpasses 6M Users In 12 Months, Doubled In 3 Months

• Shanda Note: Free and Permanent Cloud Storage

• Hozom, Leaves Your Phone Contacts In The Cloud

• UMeng Introduces Social, Cloud Storage Functions For App Users, Developers

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