We wrote a lot about Chinese professional social networks recently. It seems that the local market is really boosted by the IPO of Linkedin. Especially for those new comers such as Dajie, UShi, Hengzhi which are either raising more money or claiming millions of users. Every player feels very positive about the market, except one man who is actually the truly veteran working on this field for years. It is Lerry Zou, the founder and CEO of Wealink, one of the oldest and leading Chinese Linkedin. We’ve just been told he had resigned and also left the company to start a new project.

Lerry were talking to us about the market, and it’s only 1.5 month ago. In that interview Lerry shared lots of honest experience and thoughts on doing a Linkedin in China. But after 4 years’ trying, the decision made by Lerry is, surprisingly, a Give-up, even at the time when the market is about to heat up.

We called Lerry and he confirmed his leaving. As for his new startup, he said it’s not ready for the public, yet. But he said, it’s still to do with the social networks, but it will focus on mobile. With his experience, I think it indeed makes sense.

Now the question is left to the rest of professional social network founders and the investors, do you still believe China needs a Linkedin? and how long can you stick for it? and how fast and efficient can you adapt the idea to Chinese market?

Gang Lu

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