Briefing: Apple pulls networking platform Maimai and other social apps from China App Store

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脉脉、音遇等大批社交软件iOS版下架,或因违反苹果支付规范 – 36kr

What happened: Work networking platform Maimai, karaoke app Yinyu, voice-messaging and entertainment platform Hello, as well as other social apps were recently taken down from Apple’s China App Store, 36kr reported. A Maimai representative said that the iOS version of its app is currently being updated to fulfill the App Store’s technical requirements. A Yinyu spokesperson said that its platform previously had a bug, while Hello representatives said the company is in talks with Apple. An unnamed investor told 36kr that as many as 700 apps may have been removed from the App Store this time, and that past takedowns have usually involved hidden in-app purchases—for which Apple requires a 30% cut.

Why it’s important: Although the incident brings to mind Apple’s high-profile disagreement with WeChat over its tipping feature last April, it appears to be unrelated, according to app representatives at least. While the takedown will certainly affect the targeted social platforms, some are already in the process of re-applying for App Store listings: Yuyin has submitted a new version which is currently undergoing review. The app Hello may have face a tougher route to regaining consumer confidence; just last month, it was among five voice-streaming platforms taken down by authorities for vulgar or pornographic content as well as other issues, Southern Metropolis Daily reported (in Chinese).