Typically built around 1 or 2 successful business lines, corporations are increasingly finding themselves outpaced by more nimble and ambitious startups. While the early days of tech brought great strides for corporates in the shape of increased efficiency, technology is now enabling completely new competitors. Competitors who, if not defended against, could threaten the very survival of some of the biggest companies.

To fend them off, corporates are doing their best to learn “innovation” best practices: interdisciplinary product teams and rapid iteration with proofs-of-concept. What’s more, they’re even cultivating startups through accelerator and incubator programs. These startups not only allow for faster solutions but also helps corporates test new ideas without threatening core business lines.

At Emerge, our corporate innovation panel looks at what this increasingly common phenomenon looks like in the Chinese context. Our panel of experts and industry players will be exploring these key areas:

  • What Chinese startups can offer large corporates?
  • The unique challenges of working with Chinese startups
  • Best practices for working with startups
  • How corporate innovation is different in China compared to the West?

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